The first finished historic levels can be downloaded now: Press here.
Pc versions in Steam: Trap Them and Trap Them - Sniper Edition.
Try the C64 browser emulator unhappily without game save option: Press here.
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Downloads (>91.233)

Brand new WIP version 7.2 of Trap Them 64 matches on a 5.25-inch floppy disk:
label side and the other side

You can also flash a cartridge.


First and foremost, I would like to thank the more than hundred people who assist me with this project. Special thanks to
Retrofan (top graphic designer) [WIP]
topseeker (top mountain music)
spider-j (top musician and more) [WIP]


It is unlikely you will ever need this link ...
... but in the event that you do, please report any bugs here. The buglist can be found here. The changelog can be found here.



In the winter semester 2010/2011, J-Snake and I started to learn together when he presented his TrapThem. In the beginning, robots behaved quite differently. Interesting levels did not exist, either. The crystals didn't move. And so forth. However, at that time, the block physics were as they appear today. And I was tempted to show that it also runs on an old computer. After the block physics worked, he agreed to the Commodore 64 port. This was the birth of TrapThem64. More


If you have a brilliant idea for a new level, I'll help you to implement it.



I am always reachable via email. I'll be glad to answer all questions about Trap Them 64. If anyone would like to offer help you are welcome.

Game story

A brilliant scientist makes an important discovery which could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. The powerful company he works for is no longer trustworthy, so he decides to hide the top secret information onto data chips which were embedded into crystals. After his death an experienced spy finds clues to where the suspected diamonds may be. However he doesn't expect to be facing vicious robots programmed to destroy anything that moves, nor does he expect the difference in the mind boggling physics.